Friday, September 13, 2013

Am I Teaching or Learning? | September 6, 2013

Jodi Randazzo

I’m a teacher, well, that’s what I tell people when they ask me what I do for living. I’m a learner. In an ideal classroom we, the kids and I, would be developing our interests based on standards I know in the back of my mind we need to focus on and the kids with my help would navigate towards the learning outcome.
Does this always happen, no. Often, I’m teaching in a small group, individually, or to the whole class and while they are the hugest part of that conversation, I’m still leading it.
I’m not someone to jump on the all the new educational bandwagons, but I love trying new things and finding the balance of what works best in our class. This is where I think it gets interesting. I’m hugely interested in how to be a better teacher. I read and study and read more on what other teachers are doing. One teacher who inspires me, is @Venspired. The above picture was posted by her. I love seeing how she guides her students, so I’m learning from her. There are these teachers that I just follow and love what they are doing in education.
I guess you COULD say education has changed from the classic roles for the majority, but the teacher that impacted me the most as a child did because his class was anything but a traditional classroom. I think great teachers have been teaching outside of the box for a long time.
The picture above this week for me was a wake up. Last year I had my kids create book trailers on Animoto and had them work on reading strategies on their own blogs. Reading this made me feel like I really need to evaluate what my goal is for students. It’s of, course to focus on learning, but I haven’t really determined how I want them to get there.
So, the short of it, is my job description is 4th grade teacher, but really I’m a life long learner.