Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meta-Learning Targets | September 13, 2013

Leif Segen

Round two for #TLC2014. This week’s prompt: What learning outcome(s) would make you feel most accomplished as an educator? (I’m choosing brevity in my response in favor of keeping up with the weekly blogging challenges.)
I would feel most accomplished as an educator, if my students could:
  • articulate the aspirations of their hearts,
  • identify the positive and negative social forces operating in school, at work, at home, online, etc. that influence their decisions,
  • embark on collective endeavors that support the material and spiritual well-being of their communities,
  • reflect on the results of their actions, using such as a launchpad for next steps forward.
These are more like human capabilities than they are content knowledge. But we’ve all got our implicit curricula. This is mine.
What might progress towards them look like? I’ll be digesting that question this year. Maybe I’ll update this later with any fresh insights.
I’m on a crusade for coherence. Coherent student-teacher relationships. Coherent conceptual frameworks – within my mind, the minds of my colleagues, the minds of my family and neighbors, and the minds of my students.