Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Give Back | September 13, 2013

Sue Speirs

In an unexpected email from a North graduate last Thursday afternoon (and not unlike emails I've received from other graduates) were a few paragraphs expressing genuine thanks for the learning, and also inspiring words for me to pass onto future students. 

This particular email was sent by a student immersed in the most difficult semester of U of M Nursing School. Her email was actually a testimony of learning outcomes. Here's an overview of a few learning outcomes she valued as a student in AP Bio and Applied Med. She shared that the "how" of teaching and learning in these classes mattered and impacted her learning. Her main focus was interactive learning all for building lasting constructs from dissonance to clarity for extending future learning and expanding thinking. She expressed success in applying and transferring not only what she learned in high school at the University level, but also her sheer amazement that even now as a junior at U of M she was still applying and transferring high school lessons. How was this made possible? She concludes it is a direct result of the "how" of learning! And, as I breathed in her words I was feeling pretty accomplished. However, the next part of her email brought tears of accomplishment to my eyes. 

So, I'll quote this portion her her is the answer to this week's challenge! 

"I'm thankful for everything you taught us and for the opportunities that AP bio and applied med gave me, and I hope to one day give back to the program." give back! Yes, make that one a standard for teaching and learning and we are onto something good, right and worthy of joining hands to make it possible for every student to celebrate!