Friday, September 13, 2013

Who Is Learner and Who Is Teacher | September 6, 2013

Scott Kalpa

When individuals are assembled and work toward a common goal, we typically want to label them-Learner, Teacher, Coach, Player... Labels allow for a hierarchy and a common set of norms to be established.  In many cases this can be a positive and collaborative process.  However, when we think about learning and how each individual interacts within that structure, the lines (labels) are blurred.

When looking at the dynamics of a classroom each person in the room can be and should be each-learner and teacher. For some, this is a difficult concept to understand in that the "teacher" has always been the "gate-keeper" of information and the student has counted on the gate-keeper to dispense information.

Obviously, this could not be further from the truth or effective.  A classroom dynamic can be arranged by the leader to create situations where the learner has a chance to lead and teach.  Within this dynamic, roles are no longer bound by titles or labels and those involved can collaborate, as a whole, in the learning process.