Sunday, January 12, 2014

Celebrating Accomplishment in the Classroom | December 20, 2013

Mike Lerchenfeldt (@mj_lerch)

Our classroom culture consists of a weekly routine that celebrates success and gives all students an opportunity to share the current events in their lives. The weekly game or ice breaker is called 'Flash Flush', and all students are required to share one recent accomplishment. 

Our classroom community also celebrates students' attendance, academics, citizenship, and creativity. Students are consistently thanked for their effort on assignments which are often displayed in the classroom in order to improve their self esteem. 'Panther Pride' certificates are used by students to obtain prizes and are awarded to motivate students to be successful. Classroom parties are planned bi-monthly and are designed to recognize student accomplishments. 'Student of the Month' postcards are mailed home to parents. 

These methods have developed a classroom climate where students are engaged and achievement is desirable.