Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Characterizing the Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom | January 20, 2014

Great instruction that involves educational technology, or "edtech", is engaging and entertaining for all students because it gives them the ability to gather information quickly in various forms and receive instant feedback. Since relationships are the foundation for learning, great instruction is needed in order for educational technology to be integrated properly as a tool for students. Approaches like authentic assessment, project-based learning, and hands-on inquiry are possible without the use of technology. However, technology should be used with these approaches because we use these tools in our daily lives to solve real-world challenges. 

The features of great technology use in education has the same features that make for a great "low-tech" lesson or instructional strategy. It is essential to use active student engagement strategies and question students to develop critical thinking skills. The use of technology will be different when comparing grade level to grade level and subject area to subject area because of the difference in learning objectives and information needs. The use of technology will also be different when comparing student to student because of the digital divide which has been caused by the inequalities that exist between individuals at different socioeconomic levels. 

Mike Lerchenfeldt (@mj_lerch)