Monday, February 3, 2014

Maintaining a Balance Between My Personal and Professional Identities | January 27, 2014

Mike Lerchenfeldt (@mj_lerch)

Teachers can maintain a fulfilling career and yet still pour into their family and personal life by managing a well-balanced schedule. We must consider our quality of life when developing and advancing personally and professionally. Teachers must be reflective in order to avoid taking on too many responsibilities which can become overwhelming or stressful. Being happy with myself is an approach that helps me become a better instructor, a better son, a better spouse, a better citizen, and a better person.

Developing in multiple areas without focusing too much energy into the development of one area of my life is extremely difficult. It is possible to avoid neglecting one identity to attend to the other, but keeping all of the 'dominos from falling' is a challenge. A professional life does not always have to be separated or distinct from a personal life. However, balancing between my identities means that opportunities will be missed because of my vast array of interests and goals.